Tiffindell Ski Resort South Africa is the only ski and snowboarding resort which is located in the Southern Drakensberg
Tiffindell is not just a Ski Resort, we are open throughout the year and have a wide range of activities for the active and not-so-active holidaymaker, from hikes to grass skiing

Summer at Tiffindell

Tiffindell's Spring, summer and autumn seasons rival our winter uniqueness of skiing on the African continent, with many of our patrons preferring the Summer attractions to the full on hype of winter.

Tiffindell holidaymakers and weekenders can enjoy the spectacular views, relax at South Africa’s highest resort or stroll amongst the summer alpine flowers not found anywhere else in the world. Come and enjoy a starry starry night and the tranquillity of the Eastern Cape Highlands. Spend Christmas, New Year, or Easter with a bunch of friends in our luxurious accommodation. Remember everything is a mile high at Tiffindell

Tiffindell is also a breakaway with a difference for corporate conferences and team-building. Page Down for great summer accommodation prices

For the more active, Tiffindell has plenty of exciting activities from Mountain Biking and hiking to grass skiing.

Accommodation Prices and Meals

There is a variety of Tiffindell accommodation to pick from:

The Leisure Chalets are great for a group of friends (4 to 12 people) 
Accommodation in our chalets is charged at R450 pppn;   We are CURRENTLY RUNNING A SPECIAL R395ppn for the next 2 weeks; 
R100 pppn Camping  (use of Lodge ablutions excluding electricity) & R150/day for use of an electrical /plug point;

Tiffindell does more cost effective 3 and 4 day packages with planned itineraries for those wishing to spend a few days in the area using Tiffindell as a base.  


Hiking, Mountain Biking, Birding & Alpine Flowers

Tiffindell’s mountain biking and hiking trails wind around Ben McDhui, the highest peak in the Cape Province so the views are spectacular. You can expect to see resplendent waterfalls (Tele-Falls), sparkling streams, alpine flora and fauna, rock art, ancient caves, swimming holes and picturesque resting spots. From a short hike to Ben McDhui (2 hours) chilling at the highest point in the Cape to the exhilaratingly beautiful hike to Telle Falls  (approximately 6 hour) we can guide or advise different hikes and bikes every day of the week. Look out for Jackal Buzzards, Cape and Bearded Vultures, Rock Jumpers, Blue Crane, Pied Starling, the Black Harrier and Secretary Birds; Mountain Reed Buck, Weasels, with Porcupines and Spring Hares  at night, not to mention one of the clearest views of the milky way in the Southern Hemisphere.

Guides will accompany you if required at R100 per hour; R60pp for packed lunch.


4x4, Motorbikes Routes

Tiffindell is centred at the heartland of "South Africa's High 5" and "Ben 10 Eco Challenge" routes. See www.SAHigh5.co.za for information. Enter the Ben 10 Challenge by logging onto  https://www.mountainpassessouthafrica.co.za/find-a-pass/extreme-passes.html 

Experience Tiffindell’s fun and unique hospitality while using it as a base. Our accommodation is well aboved the norm with luxury chalets, ensuite bedrooms and plenty of space to relax in. Do Ben Mac 3001 in the evenings for a sundowner and a couple of golf shots. Land the ball in the dam and win a free beer.

Log your photos on both respective facebooks, Instagram and tweet to your fellow adventures on Twitter.

Look out for Tiffindells geo-caching treasures.

If you are not doing the High 5 or Ben 10 then here are some day itineraries to maximise your enjoyment of all the exciting adventures to be had around Tiffindell.

Note some of these itineraries are through private land and permission, via Tiffindell Management, should be arranged before venturing on these routes.

Road and Passes around Tiffindell

Passes, roads, resort, lodge, dam etc are numbered in brackets by their rating as the HIGHEST pass etc., in South Africa eg Ben McDhui Pass (1) is the highest pass in the country. This is rated by the website: www.mountainpassessouthafrica.co.za/find-a-pass/extreme-passes/item/421-extreme-passes-stats.html

Arrive by one of the famous 10 Big Passes of South Africa- either Carlisle’s Hoek (5) or Volunteers Hoek Pass (4) (extreme 4x4 only in day light);

Suggested things to do:

Day1: Leave Tiffindell for “Lesotho View” and Tenahead Lodge for lunch on “the highest contour road in SA. Carry on to the top of our Natural Heritage site Naude’s Nek Great views over the escarpment; back towards Rhodes visiting the Naude Brothers memorial– drinks at Walkabouts – return to Tiffindell Alpine Resort (1)- (SA’s highest resort) via Carlisleshoek pass 

Day2: Extreme ride to Rhodes via Mooivlei and Mertuin (bikes only). Visit the Hamlet of Rhodes a National Heritage Site or down Volunteers pass, visit the Old Farm Implement Museum follow the route to Mosheshe Ford and swim in the Jakgomo Canyon sink hole, driving back past the southernmost volcano in Africa.

Day3: Down Carlisles Hoek, to Rhodes onto Mosheshes Ford turn off left towards Elliot on the 393, turn off to the top of the Bastervoetpad Pass (9) **

Take some photos and return onto the 393 and the onto the R58 sealed road near Elliot; turn right and return to Barkly East over the Barkly Pass(15). This is where they have recently (2013) discovered the fossilised bones of the world’s largest Dinosaur; Return towards Rhodes and left to Martin’s Hoek, swim in the Boiling Pot, visit the smugglers cave where Mosheshe hid 200 people from the British Army, (and now a popular night club on New Year’s Eve);

**Not recommended descending Basterfoot Pass unless you are prepared for extreme 4x4 roads**. As the “Bastervoetslaan” is rated the meanest, most technically difficult pass in South Africa it is recommended that this is done only after local advice, dry/good weather conditions and with more than one vehicle.

If you brave it down the pass to Ugie, you may return to Tiffindell via Naude’s Nek Pass (3) and The TT,  Tenahead to Tiffindell (1) (highest contour road in SA). Have a sundowner on Ben Mac 3001 and you will have done 4 of South Africa's High 5 Extreme Passes in one day.

Day 4: Down the Volunteers Pass, visit the secret Balloch Cave with its bushman art. You may wish to pass the day here with mountain biking trails, farm horse riding available -look out for the Cape and bearded vulture colonies here...  

OR... carry on past the Wartrail Country Club and over Lundin’s Nek Pass (10) turn off to Dangershoek and follow the river up to towards Telle Falls – hike the last stretch (15 mins) to the bottom of Telle Falls;

Carry on to Telle Bridge border post – cross and recross to Lesotho if you have your passport; carry on over Jouberts Pass (9) to Lady Grey. Lady Grey is the start of the lands toughest ultra marathon - the Salomon Sky Run– 100km from here to The Wartrail Country Club (on 22nd Nov this year 2014); Lunch in Lady Grey .RETURN on the main roads:

EITHER taking the second turn off to Tiffindell (5kms from Barkly East). Here you will cross the National Monument of Loch Bridge “the bridge over the river Kraai”, then look out on the left as there is a section of switch-back railway line rising from the river valley. Then up the Bidstone Pass to the comfort of Tiffindell.

OR return via Barkley East and Rhodes.

Always carry your camera or go pro as the views, light and weather can present incredible opportunities for some remarkable shots.

Look out for Jackal Buzzards, Cape and Bearded Vultures, Rock Jumpers, Blue Crane, Pied Starling, the Black Harrier and Secretary Birds; Mountain Reed Buck, Weasels, with Porcupines and Spring Hares at night, not to mention one of the clearest views of the milky way in the Southern Hemisphere.

Guided Motorbike & Quad Trails

Take a drive on the wild side through the Eastern Cape/Lesotho border Highlands. These 4x4 routes will send a tingle up even the most extreme drivers spine, challenging driving skills to the max… with difficult terrains meeting up with slightly more laid back adjoining routes. Our trails are of differing degrees of difficulty to suit and venture across the border into Lesotho. Booking essential. Bring your own vehicles:  Day trips R 300 pp; Half day trips R 200 pp  and all inclusive weekends from R 1500 pp.  – includes guide and trail fees – tailored to suit your group.

Fly Fishing

Dams, weirs and the Bell river are the fishing grounds for the Wild Trout Association’s (WTA) catchment (catch & release). The rainbow and brown trout grow bigger here due to the cold climate and prime trophy fish are to be caught. Our skilled guides can take you from novice to fisherman in a few days. Skilled fly fishermen use Tiffindell as a base for finding the best spots before the annual WTA’s fishing contest. You may even catch a Loch Ness monster (recent catches include a 10lb rainbow in Loch Ness dam – see pic). Fishing rod hire R50 p/hour; Fly fishing: in Tiffindell’s dams, own rod RR100pp/day; in WTA dams and catchment own rod R170pp/day; Fishing guide R120/hour.

Mountain Bike Excursions

Perfect for the whole family, our recreational mountain bikes are the best way for you to explore the areas surrounding Tiffindell. Take in the spectacular Eastern Cape Drakensberg views on guided or unguided excursions.  Ride up to the McDhui ridge, take the “contour road”, or free wheel down to the National Heritage village of Rhodes. We can arrange to pickup your group back to your Tiffindell chalet. Mountain bike hire R80/hour; Mtn bike excursion to Rhodes (min 4 people) R600 including 4x4 pick up in Rhodes (R150 per extra persons). There are plenty of trails for the serious MTB enthusiast bringing their own equipment.

Conferences, Team Building & High Altitude

Tiffindell’s accommodation capacity of over 120 fully serviced beds, meals, and services make it one of the most  ideal venues in South Africa for large groups. Whether your group is a private company, government department, rugby or rowing team Tiffindell can cater for all your needs. 

Tiffindell has a large conference facility catering for all your corporate needs with no interference from outside influences.

With all of the activities mentioned it is hard not to bond together some exciting and absorbing Team Building events. A great getaway with a difference - summer or winter.

Tiffindell’s at 2720m is right at the optimal recommended height for High Altitude Training. Running, rowing, cycling and other sports are welcome. Bring your own equipment.

Grass Skiing

Snow need not thwart you from becoming an adept skier! Grass skiing was originally developed as a training method for alpine skiing. Today it is enjoyed by proficient and novice skiing enthusiasts who want to perfect the thrill of this fun sport. Grass skiing including equipment hire R100pp/2 hours; 2 hour grass ski lesson R150pp (compulsory for beginners).

Mountain Boarding

If you enjoy a slightly more extreme activity, Mountain Boarding is for you. Developed as the summer counterpart to snowboarding we will have you shredding the slopes in no time   Mountain Board including equipment hire R100pp/2 hours; 2 hour mountain board lesson R150pp (compulsory for beginners).

Other Activities

Plenty of other activities can be arranged in or out of Tiffindell.

At Tiffindell:  Mile High Volley ball, Summer bum boarding and Alpine Flower photography are available. Bring your telescope as the high altitude and absence of city lights allows viewing of one the most spectacular night sky vistas in the Southern Hemisphere. If it is a full moon there is nothing better to have a Westerly sundown(er) while the full moon rises over “old Ben Mac” in the East.

In the area River rafting, Horse riding and Rock art viewing can be arranged

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